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Drug class‎: ‎empathogen–entactogen‎; ‎stimulant
Duration of action‎: ‎4–6 hours
Onset of action‎: ‎30–45 minutes (‎by mouth‎)
Formula‎: ‎C11H15NO2


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Buy MDMA Crystal  (Comprar MDMA Crystal)

Buy MDMA Crystal, MDMA crystal is the crystalline form of 3,4-methylenedioxy-N- methylamphetamine more so a purer form of ecstasy. In relation to physiological differences also the absorption of crystals in the digestive system is high. Compared to pills or powder MDMA on the a-pvp substances. MDMA (Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine), commonly called ecstasy or molly, is a psychoactive drug use as a recreational drug. The desir effects include
altered sensations, increase energy, empathy, and pleasure. If MEMA is consume by mouth, effects begin in 30 to 45 minutes and last 3 to 6 hours. Buy MDMA Cystal



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